Guide to Rescue Unformatted Olympus XD Card

Unable to access data from XD? Do your want to rescue unformatted Olympus XD card? Many a time it has been seen that the data stored in Olympus XD card gets unexpectedly inaccessible due to corruption issue. In such situation whenever users try to access or load their on Olympus XD card there comes a message indicating that your storage is not formatted and needs to format. Well, usually this happens when XD card is corrupted severely. However, it is recommended not to format your XD card otherwise all your data stored on the corrupted XD card will be lost at once. In such situation you will need to repair your corrupted XD card first in order to regain the access of your precious files. But there is no need to worry as you can recover files from unformatted Olympus XD card.

restore files from CF card           restore files from CF card

In order to get your files you should restore the backup files if you have created any. If not then there is other option but to opt for a thief party Memory Card Recovery Software. It is very effective, advanced and reliable tool. It has been specially designed to recover files from corrupted or formatted XD card. It has several effective features and which recovers all kind of data from Olympus XD card. It is very easy to use and can be navigated easily by even a common XD card user. It recovers files safely without modifying its original integrity. Therefore it is advisable to use Memory Card Recovery Software in order to rescue unformatted Olympus XD card data.

Key Features of Memory Card Recovery Software

  • Recovers files safely and effectively
  • Restores files on users selected location
  • Allows the users to recover files selectively
  • Gives the preview of all recovered items

Steps to Rescue Unformatted Olympus XD Card

Step 1 : First of all download and install Memory Card Recovery Software.

restore files from CF card

Step 2 : After that you need to specify the volume.

restore files from CF card

Step 3 : Now select the desired file types to be restored.

restore files from CF card

Step 4 : Here you can see scan results by preview.

restore files from CF card

Step 5 : Ultimately specify location for saving of recovered files.

restore files from CF card                restore files from CF card           restore files from CF card

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