USB Flash Drive Recovery: Guide to Recover Files from Corrupted Flash Drive

It is quite obvious to come across data loss situation on USB flash drive and in other words you can say files can also get lost from USB flash storage media due to several reasons. Among several possibilities some common reasons can be severe virus attack, accidental formatting of drive, unintentional deletion of data etc. But you do not have to worry because here you will get most convenient way for USB flash drive recovery. Apart from that you can also restore lost or deleted photos from SD card and from any other storage drive. When files become inaccessible on storage drive then user want to recover them as soon as possible because data can be different form such as pictures, doc, audio, video etc.


Precautions Required to Avoid Data Loss on USB Flash Drive

Your important files can be lost from your storage drive due to various reasons therefore it is advised to take some precautions and avoid any SD card photo recovery situation on any external storage drive. Here some most important points has been given so that you can keep your precious files safe and secure.

  • Do not access your flash drive on virus infected system.
  • You should format your drive unnecessarily.
  • Alway use genuine card reader and authentic SD card to store your data.
  • Use constant power supply while transferring files from flash drive to your system.
  • Keep an updated backup of all important files.

After taking all required precautions, if you are still facing data loss and recover lost or corrupted digital photos then you need not to worry as most suitable way for corrupted photo recovery has been given in the next module.

Best Alternate to Recover Files from Corrupted Flash Drive

After occurrence of corruption issue in the USB flash drive, user can not get their files on it and bound to face data loss situation. They also want to recover files from corrupted flash drive at the earliest. In order to complete this task you should use backup copy and when it is not available then it is advised to try Digital Photo Recovery Software. It is one stop solution to get back deleted, lost, corrupted pictures from USB drive. The tool has been designed by panel of experts due to that it can be conveniently used by novice as well as professional flash drive user. IT has the ability to perform formatted SD card photo recovery in easiest way and bring back all files which has become inaccessible. Apart from that it can also retrieve deleted or lost files from memory card, SD card, system hard drive and from any other storage drive. The software has the ability to recover and restore different types of image, audio, video etc. You can run the software on Mac and Windows operating system very easily because it supports both platform very well. It has user friendly GUI hence it is recommended to get the opportunity and complete digital photo recovery from USB flash drive.

User Guide for USB Flash Drive Recovery

Step 1. Download and install Digital Photo Recovery Software on your system. After that connect your drive and Launch the tool and get Start Scan option.

Step 2. Here you are advised to select your flash drive from where deleted data recovery is needed and then select Start Scan option.

Step 3. In this step you should choose those file types which you want back and then click Start Scan button.

Step 4. Here you can see preview of recoverable files.

Step 5. After scanning all recovered files gets stored in different folder according to their file type.

Step 6. In this last step you can save all retrieve files and for that you only have to press Recover button.


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